The best part of Dzika Fitness isn’t the great space, the top shelf fitness instructors or even the hand-picked tunes geared to make everyone feel the noise. It’s you. It’s the hundreds of friends who choose to come to our hall every day, to see the friendly faces ready to bring it for another heart-thumping 30 minutes.

Our staff is constantly looking for new ways to enhance our class experience, incorporating new routines and music into your session.

Current training sessions include:

  • Zumba: intense multi-dimensional dance infused training
  • Ab-centric sessions: creative and core-building focus
  • Combo sessions: a mix of zumba, aerobics and resistance
  • DXT: a Dzika exclusive and one of Chicago’s best workouts

Will the pounds roll off? Certainly. Will you like the way your body looks more each week? Absolutely. More than anything though, at Dzika, our goal is to help you live stronger, longer and more meaningful lives. And of course, make a few friends along the way.